The Alpha Center is an intervener in a lawsuit with the State of South Dakota and Planned Parenthood.

Current law states pregnant mothers need to be informed:

(1) that “an abortion terminates the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being;”

(2) that the mother’s “relationship with that second human being enjoys protection under the

Constitution of the United States and the Laws of South Dakota;”

(3) that relationship and all rights attached to it will be terminated; and

(4) the abortion places the mother “at increased risk for suicide ideation and suicide.”


We have already won previous legislation that protects women and their unborn children. All of the

above have been signed into law. The current lawsuit involves fighting against a specific piece of the law

stating that a woman must visit a registered pregnancy center before having an abortion.

In September, Leslee, a few South Dakota Legislators, and others presented a resolution passed by the

legislature that expressly lists the rights of the mothers violated as a result of the US Supreme Court

decision in Roe v Wade.


Here is the resolution:


The Washington Times published an article on the event as well:


Legislature synopsis