“Leslee is tireless in promoting the causes she believes in, especially that of abstinence. She is THE expert in equipping pregnancy help centers develop, promote, and execute abstinence programs in their communities. And her picture is almost surely the one in the dictionary next to the word “network” (as a verb) — no one knows more people across the country, especially ones in key positions of influence. Knowing and working with Leslee is always beneficial and not to be missed!”

Dr. Julie Parton

Adjunct Professor at Dallas Baptist University

“Leslee is such an asset to the pro-life community. Her wisdom and dedication are only outweighed by her heart. Among her many contributions are the teaching and training she imparts to other young leaders. She is a true champion of the faith.”

Kim Ketola

Host, Cradle My Heart Radio/Author, Cradle My Heart, Finding God’s Love After Abortion

“Leslee has been passionate about families, women, children and the unborn for as many years as I have known her. Having gone to school with her daughter, participated in the educational opportunities that the National Abstinence Clearinghouse (NAC) provides and volunteered at NAC, I have seen first hand the passion and precision that Leslee runs her business. She is a visionary who know how to get things accomplished. She is unwavering and strong in her beliefs and convictions, always standing up for what is right. I’m eager to see how the NAC and Leslee continues to impact her community and our world!”

Erin Douglas

French Teacher at Music Lingua, LLC

“Leslee is a pioneer in the prolife movement and abstinence until marriage movement. She works tirelessly to defend the unborn, and helps young men and women understand they are worth waiting for! She is also a dynamic speaker, with an knack to capture her audience with relatable stories!”

Ellie Larsen

Clinical Therapist at Stronghold Counseling, Inc.

“Leslee is a determined leader with a high success rate. I would work with her any day.”

Dan Lederman

Owner, Lederman Bonding Company

“Leslee is a pioneer in the prolife movement and abstinence until marriage movement. She works tirelessly to defend the unborn, and helps young men and women understand they are worth waiting for! She is also a dynamic speaker, with an knack to capture her audience with relatable stories!”

Ellie Larsen

Clinical Therapist at Stronghold Counseling, Inc.

“No one has been more effective than Leslee Unruh at fighting for the cause of life. No one. And moreover, when threatened with physical, legal, and every other form of intimidation, Leslee has stuck: she is fearless, unflappable, utterly made of courage. She is an inspiration.”

Rod Martin

Philosopher Capitalist

“Leslee Unruh is a compassionate woman and proven leader who helped thousands of young adults who are wrestling with some of the most important decisions of their life.”

Dave Sterrett

Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Ethics/Op-ed Contributor/Best-selling Christian Author

“Leslee is an amazing person to work with both in and out of the office. Her passion and generosity makes her an inspiring mentor for her entire staff. Leslee has incredible leadership skills and a unique capacity for empathy. This allows her to be totally invested in the Alpha Center, where she is an effective and motivating leader. I truly appreciate her ability to be 110% committed to her career, while always still keeping her family first.”

Leah Black

MPS Specialist at A & B Business Solutions

“While Leslee and I hold opposing views on abortion, I have enormous respect for her support of women during difficult times in their lives. Leslee is non-judgmental, sympathetic, a good listener and more importantly, tries to help women in tangible ways. Her good humor, generosity, and loving concern for the women who come to her for help is touching and sincere. Don’t believe what her critics say about her. That’s not the Leslee I know and like. Agree with her or not, she is a tough, honest and loving person who believes passionately in her causes.”

Todd Epp

Writer, Attorney, and Consultant

“Leslee has a passion for the protection of our youth. She is not afraid to fight against the abortion and pornography industry who profit from our youth being sexually active at earlier and earlier ages. She has built up her organization to be a valuable resource and encouragement to those who are promoting abstinence and purity instruction in this nation. She has been a great encourager to me in my ministry!”

Audrey Werner

Professor at Master’s International School of Divinity

“Leslee has an unyielding passion to save the unborn! She is a phenomenal speaker, mother, and leader. I am so proud of what she does and also so proud to have her as my mother.”

Nathan Unruh

CEO at Envive Chiropractic

“Leslee is a tremendous asset to America. Her role at the forefront of some movements and behind the scenes of others as been vital to many successes of the last years. Her work for Abstinence is without equal. She has put her heart and soul into her efforts. I am proud to consider her a close friend.”

Phil Sheldon

Chairman of the Board at Survivors and Victims Empowered

“Leslee is a fabulous woman with a passionate heart. She has a cheerful outlook on life and her joy radiates among all employees in the office. Leslee treats every day like blessed gift that it is, and is an incredible woman to work for.”

Emily Kvidera

Brand Ambassador at Just Bloomed

“Leslee Unruh is a hero who has brought the hope of self-determination to young women and men pressured by a malicious media and confused, misguided peers. Day after day, as the publisher of a very successful and MOVIEGUIDE(r) magazine, I receive news reports of studies confirming the effectiveness of abstinence, while at the same time I receive the editorial comments of the malicious media spinning the research into an extreme advocacy for mentally disturbed, self-destructive behavior. Leslee Unruh has presented the common sense, research verified, liberating truth to millions. She deserves commendation, congratulation and appreciation!”

Ted Baehr

Chairman at Christian Film and Television Commission

“Leslee Unruh exemplifies what it means to care about those who have no one else to look out for them — the Lives of the unborn. Without anything to gain for herself, Leslee Unruh gives and gives and gives. She freely gives her time. She freely gives her resources. And she gives her love — all unsparingly. And she continues to give regardless of the darts and arrows that are thrown against her by those who should be ashamed of themselves for not doing likewise. In the course of human history, there have always been too few who give and care and love “the least of these” like Leslee. Without such self-sacrificing angels of mercy, the rest of us would be poorer and lesser people.”

Dick Bott, Sr.

Founder and President of Bott Radio Network

“I had the privilege of working with Leslee during my time serving in the South Dakota Legislature as both a State Representative and State Senator. As the Founder of the National Abstinence Clearinghouse, Leslee is a passionate and professional advocate for the pro-life and pro-family values issues that are dear to me and my family. I admire Leslee’s determination and vision and respect her ability to promote the issues important to her in the public policy arena. I look forward to future opportunities to work with Leslee and her organization in the future!”

Todd Schlekeway

“Leslee Unruh is a true hero and leader who has sacrificed her time and resources to protect the unborn and shown love and mercy to those who have an unexpected pregnancy. Her efforts to teach the young that abstinence works every time has resulted in closed abortion clinics and steered the young into a more abundant life. Those who disagree with Leslee’s beliefs fear her and those who agree follow her. We are two who follow her.”

Phil Burress

Founder and President at Citizens for Community Values

“Leslee was the keynote speaker at our Siouxland Pro-Life Interfaith Prayer Memorial meeting last January here in Sioux City, Iowa. Her talk was very honest, open, inspirational, and most of all motivational for all of us.”

Carol Remer

Chairperson of the Siouxland Pro-Life Interfaith Prayer Memorial

“I have known Leslee Unruh and her husband, Allen, for more than two decades. In addition to being blessed with considerable charm, good looks and a loving family. Leslee is a dedicated professional concerned with telling women the truth about their bodies and unborn babies. She faithfully ministers to women who have listened to that “other voice” and are in need of compassion, healing and restoration. From where I stand, she is honest in her business relationships, faithful to her marriage vows, and a woman of strong character.”

Cal Thomas

Op-ed Columnist, Author and Radio Commentator

“Every time you speak to us I can see God working through you and radiating from you. You are definitely my role model and I love listening to you talk about your work. Thank you for everything you’ve done for those women and I pray I can impact lives as much as you have some day. Thank you again and I will be praying for you!”


“Thank you so much for coming back this year to speak to us! Last year you brought us all to tears and really humbled us and this year you brought nothing less. You are such a motivational speaker and you influence and encourage everyone around you. The work you do is so amazing and God uses your many gifts to help people in ways that only you can. It is such a blessing to know you because through you people know that change is possible if you have faith! Thank you again and God bless!”


“I greatly appreciate you speaking on our trip. You were by far my favorite speaker. I absolutely loved what you do with those young couples and how much you show God’s love to them. Thank you for speaking. It was an honor to listen to you and learn more about the meaning of life.”


“You are such an inspiration, you make me want to fight for life and what is right. Ever since last year, I have wanted to do what you do. You fight with courage and you never give up! Your story gives me hope and your story has blessed all of our lives. You have done so much for everyone, even people you don’t know. The Lord has blessed you in so many ways and I know we will win this fight for life. You have already helped in huge ways. Thank you and God bless.”