I welcome you to this website like I would welcome you to my home...find a cozy spot, listen to some relaxing music and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Who knows, maybe even a warm scone from the oven.

What would we chat about? Real Life. What's going on in the day to day, with our families, how to serve our country and how we are walking and growing in our faith. That's what I'm passionate about...God, Family & our Country. And my greatest blessings call me Mimi :) I love my Grand Treasures!!

In my free time, I love planting flowers, being with family, organizing closets and drawers, creating beautiful environments and date nights with my wonderful husband. We love to laugh, go see a good movie, enjoy local restaurants and go to the lake.

My husband Allen is passionate about the same things I'm passionate about. He enjoys a good book, telling jokes and keeping up with the grandkids. When it comes down to it, we care about the people around us and the good 'ole USA. We believe people are the only thing that we can take with us.

I'm not sure why, but since I was young I always had a heart for the down and out. My adult children find it heartwarming and sometimes humorous that I can be almost anywhere and a total stranger might start sharing their whole life story with me and be in tears. I guess I just care about the real stuff of life and know everyone needs someone to talk to who will listen.

While you're here, take a look around and don't forget to stop and smell the roses. These are a few of my favorite things.

Keep Shining for Jesus!

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