Do You Need Support for Sexual Abstinence?

Reach out to the National Abstinence Clearinghouse

If you’re seeking information about the promotion of sexual abstinence, the National Abstinence Clearinghouse can help. The Clearinghouse, founded by Leslee Unruh, serves as an affiliation network for the abstinence community.

It’s a nonprofit educational organization that promotes the appreciation for and practice of sexual abstinence through the distribution of age-appropriate, factual and medically-accurate materials.

The Clearinghouse serves individuals and agencies on an international, national, state and local level. It’s a central location where you’ll find curricula, speakers and materials for:

Character-building programs
Relationship-developing programs
Abstinence-until-marriage programs

Contact Leslee Unruh today to learn more about the National Abstinence Clearinghouse in Sioux Falls, SD.