Dr. Allen and Leslee Unruh have a heart for America. They are sought after speakers throughout the country and have spoken with countless organizations regarding pro-family issues. Their passion for life and their Christian walk inspire audiences nationwide. Their experience and wisdom in these issues make them one of the top authorities on topics such as family, relationships, marriage and the American Dream.

Dr. Allen Unruh, better known as “King of the One-liners,” is known for his humor around the nation. It is said that “laughter does good like a medicine,” whether it is a one-liner or a little ditty on his guitar, he will have you rolling.

Leslee is the author of numerous family resources including a book entitled “Abstinence 101” and has spoken across the United States to thousands of teens. Leslee has been invited to the White House on numerous occasions and has advised administrations on sound adolescent health policy. She is recognized by the national and international media as an expert on character and relationship education.

The Unruh’s make their home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where Dr. Allen has been a chiropractic physician since 1970. They are blessed with five children and 16 grand treasures.